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Starting Out

Writing was my first choice of career as I studied journalism. I had grand dreams of being a fiery reporter as I excitedly took on my first job, fresh out of journalism school, writing for a magazine. That didn’t last too long as I switched quickly to television and writing took a back seat. 

But that was many many moons ago…..when you still sent and received handwritten letters and the biggest thing about Internet was Hotmail!!!

Soon came the kids and I was a trailing spouse for a while as we did a 7 year stint in Shanghai (lots of stories there…plenty of blog fodder!:)

Now the Internet defines they way we live our lives…it’s no longer just about email! We read online, we shop online, we do our groceries online, we even party online.  

So naturally, when it was time for me to get back to work, e-commerce was the only thing I could think of. And as a mom to two boys who are constantly losing things at school and on the play ground, the business idea just presented it self and I jumped right in to the deep. Name labels to help kids identify their belongings…at school, on day trips, at playgrounds….its really as simple as that but every mother will attest to how labels are an absolute MUST HAVE.

And so labelshabel.com was born and in continuation of that as  I start this blog and re-discover how much I enjoy writing, it is like coming back full circle.

Researching, preparing and launching labelshabel.com has been a labour of love. It’s the most fun I have had working. My Husband Aneet and I have found a new vibe in working together. We tried it once before, early in our  marriage, and I was afraid we might not have lived to see our second wedding anniversary. We quickly decided it wasn’t for us.

But 15 years, 2 kids and many a grey hair  later, we are back again teaming up and I tell you… Things are working differently. Maybe that’s because he has finally learnt who the boss is! Yeah yeah I know he is boasting the same to his pals.  But see…we are thinking alike and it works:)

Working in the kids products domain has been an eye opening experience. There is so much out there to learn, unlearn, read, share, discover…about kids, parenting, life, food, school, education. About getting back to work after the early kid years, finding your way back into the workspace. .

So that is what this space will be about. We will write about the things that catch our eye, that strike our mind and that deserve a dialogue.

Buckle up and join us for the ride!!

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