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Q. I have placed my order but the confirmation page did not show any delivery date.
A. We are a personalised products business and do not stock ready to ship products....different items in your cart may have different production time frames and so it is not possible for us to indicate an automated shipping date at the time of placing your order.

Q. I have not received any update on my order.
A. We send a confirmation email at the time of placing an order and an email at the time of dispatch of order...we do not offer multiple update emails informing you of the production status update as different items have different timelines and one order may comprise of multiple items.

Q. My order has multiple items....will they be shipped together or as soon as they are ready?
A. We charge for shipping just once and We ship an order once it is completely ready...we do not split a shipment. So the delivery time will depend on the item in your order that takes the longest time to manufacture.

Q. I had requested delivery by a specific date, can it be done?
A. While we try to honour date requests IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR US TO GUARANTEE such delivery. Some items cannot be produced on short notice....also once a package leaves our office, we cannot control or direct courier delivery. Pls note carefully the production time listed on product pages before placing your order and incase there is no mention, pls connect with us to check before placing urgent orders.

Q. What are the production timelines for your products?
A. All time frames listed below are working days which comprise of Monday -Friday 10:30 am-5:30 pm, barring festivals and national holidays. While we try to conform to the listed time frame, this is by no means absolute....sometimes production is largely affected by manpower related issues, technical malfunctions at the print unit or issues beyond control (heavy rains delay courier pickups). Bear in mind, it is easier to mass produce an item than to create a single personalised product.

 - School Labels - 1-3 days
 - Gift Labels & Gift Cards - 1-3 days
 - Wrapping papers - 3-5 days
 - Gold & Silver cards - 5-10 working days
  - Pencils & Crayons - 6-10 working days
 - Folders, clipboards, Notebooks - 3-7 working days
 - School set, art set, art bag - 3-7 working days
 - Photo Book - 7-15 days from the time you send us the photographs. (pls note - the time mentioned is from when you send us the pictures and related material -NOT FROM THE TIME THE ORDER IS PLACED)