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For every lost shoe and misplaced sweater, there is a mother who is pulling her hair out, tired of unreliable “permanent ink markers”, and daunted by sew on name tags!! As the parents of 2 sports obsessed boys, We were always frustrated when the boys brought home shoes that “look just like mine, mom!!” Or lost yet another pullover/hoodie on the school playground.
(Goodness knows these kids surely have a different temperature setting than us.) We know what it means to make sure everything is labeled right! AND Neatly! 

Moreover If you have a child in boarding school, there is the mandatory labelling requirement too. Being boarding school passouts ourselves, We remember watching our respective moms sew on what seemed like endless rolls of name and roll no tags on every little item for our siblings and us.

At LABEL SHABEL we aim to put an end to your labeling woes! Our peel and stick on name labels are the easiest solution to all your labeling needs. Iron on Labels make labeling clothes the easiest you have ever had it. We've spent considerable time researching and sourcing the right material for our labels to ensure that you get a product that is not only weather proof and long lasting, but is highly personalised, colourful, vibrant and stays that way. With constantly added new designs and icons, our icons grow with your child from toddler cute prints to striking bold colours and patterns for the older kids. We have something for everyone!

Besides, as we researched, we saw a vacuum in the market for short run labels – for businesses that deal in bespoke products and limited quantity produce, where the prdoucts are so special - en masse printing of generic labels would never do.

Well here we are!

Give us a try!

We have "Labels through Thick & Thin"

Anjali & Aneet Singh