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Label Shabel Rewards

Reward points

  • Purchase value Rs100 - 10 points
  • Sign up bonus - 100 points
  • Like on face book thru website - 50 points
  • Facebook share - 10 points (max 3 a week)
  • Write a review - 50 points
  • Gift certificate - 25 additional pts
  • Gift a friend - 25 additional pts
  • Newsletter signup - 50 points

  • 1000 points Rs 100 off
  • 1500 points Rs 200 off
  • 2000 points Rs 400 off

Membership eligibility

  1. Creating an account at Labelshabel.com automatically signs you up for our rewards programme.
  2. To sign up, you need to be individual of 18 years or older.
  3. Institutional orders do not qualify for rewards programmes.
  4. Membership to the rewards programmeis free.

Terms and conditions

  1. Rewards points account balance is reflected in your account status within 24 hours of any qualifying activity.
  2. The rewards programme is intended to serve as a bonus and encouragement for customer loyaltyand does not carry a monetary value.
  3. Labelshabel.comcan amend, suspend, withdraw and/or terminate the rewards program at any time without notice.
  4. Rewards points accumulated do not hold a monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  5. Reward points are credited only for successfully completed and credited transactions.
  6. Cancellations and refunds if any will lead to automatic reversal of related points, even if the reversal results in a negative balance.(applicable in cases where points may have already been redeemed.)
  7. Rewards points may take up to 24hrs to reflect in account.
  8. Validity of points accumulated is for 12 months from date of credit.
  9. No extension of validity is permitted.
  10. We are not responsible if your points lapse validity without use.
  11. Opting to redeem points at time of checkout is your responsibility. Once a transaction is completed, no reversals or refunds using points will be permitted.
  12. Points cannot be clubbed from separate accounts.

Points accumulated through “write a review”

  1. Points for reviews are credited only after approval by labelshabel.com. This may take upto 3-4 working days to reflect in your account.
  2. Points will be awarded even if review is not uploaded on website.
  3. Labelshabel.com reserves final rights to approval of review for display on its site.
  4. Labelshabel.com reserves the right to limit the number of reviews written through one account.

Points accumulated through Social Media interaction

  1. facebook“like” must be through website
  2. “Share” from facebook page cannot exceed more than 3 a week. Labelshabel reserves the right to amend this at any time.
  3. Share through email?


  1. We may refuse your application for membership for any reason, at our sole discretion.
  2. All points accumulated are forfeit at disqualification.
  3. Membership can be terminated if the account holder is deemed to be misusing the rewards programme to unfair advantage – this may include but not limited to excessive returns and complaints, purchasing for reselling, deliberately harvesting excessive points through social media, interactions.
  4. Abusive and derogatory content on review section will lead to disqualification from rewards programme. Labelshabel reserves the final right to decide what constitutes abusive and derogatory content on review.
  5. Labelshabel.com reserves the right to final descion over any other activity deemed not in the spirit and intent of the rewards programme.

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